Responsible. Sustainable. Progressive.

Motivated and committed employees are crucial to our business success, so we create an attractive, fair and safe working environment. We promote diversity, individuality and personal responsibility within our workforce.

Responsibility towards our employees


Inclusion and Diversity - Our vision for METRO

METRO strives for a diverse and inclusive environment, promoting an open work culture. We are creating an integrative working environment. We respect and value individual differences.


Equal Opportunity employer

METRO believes in an open corporate culture. We accept people as they are and assess candidates and job applicants purely on their talent, skills and potential – regardless of criteria such as gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disability.


Women’s Interest Network, a forum dedicated to all our women employees at METRO SERVICES. This is a powerful platform to inspire, empower and provide opportunities for working women.


Women's Interest Network


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Grow our people to grow our business

Grow our people to grow our business

Our objective is to make sure you are future ready.



We believe in creating a workplace where you feel inspired and find your passion.