We have a clear vision towards learning and development needs of our employees. Our objective: is to make sure you are future ready. We constantly work on creating innovative training modules that are a combination of traditional and digital platforms. We have developed programs that help you identify new career opportunities; train you and upskill you for those roles. We believe when you grow, we grow too.

Grow our people to grow our business

Management training

Every employee has the potential to be a leader. That’s why we invest in comprehensive management training and nurture a sustainable leadership culture. There are regular workshops and seminars on peer coaching, reverse mentoring and mass mentoring.

Our programs focus on building right behaviours that encourage the culture of oneness, collaboration and happiness at METRO SERVICES. The philosophy is Learn – Practice – Teach.


Connect training

Connect facilitates knowledge transfer, it creates opportunities for international networking. Connect focuses our attention on what matters most: our customer and our people.


Career development

We believe it is our responsibility to support employees to develop their careers at METRO. The program focuses on creating long and successful careers for our employees. Helping them manage their careers, seek answers and put these learnings into actions.


Further Topics

Responsibility towards our employees

Responsibility towards our employees

We create an attractive, fair and safe working environment.



We believe in creating a workplace where you feel inspired and find your passion.